This one is called Timeless ⏰❌ #could#ar


Visionary Art

 My life has taken turns I can not fully comprehend, to be completely honest, this is not what I was going to do for the rest of my life, until I had someone very close to me pass away. He was a long time school bud, best friend, lover. It made me realize how short life is to be doing things you don't enjoy. That i a just the same as this kid, where tomorrow isn't promised. Making your living off art I can see would sound scary, yet I see the many steps it takes to make something like wanting to be able to be a professional artist real one day. My life I chose to dedicate to the things I love to the person I love, although he is no longer here this is my tribute to him. I am one to believe that the law of attraction and that what I should be doing with my time is to paint, for my whole life as long as I live. 



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